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Down and Out in Regrets:

Regrets Station Series 1

Mackenzie Bronson barely scrapes out a living on the space station known as Regrets. Work as a private detective brings strange cases on Regrets as Mac finds herself collecting strays both old and new.

Enough to build an unlikely family. If you could call this bunch of weirdos “family.”

At least they don’t try to kill her.

Even if they do bring trouble.

As if Mac can’t get in enough trouble on her own.

Join Mac as she strives to survive Down and Out in Regrets.

A five story collection including: Down & Out in Regrets, Regrets of the Anamatron Cat, Old Regrets, A Mystery of Regrets, and The Breakdown of Regrets

Senese's stories are the modern equivalent of The Twilight Zone, carried out with the masterful touch reminiscent of some of Bradbury's finest work.

Paperback Horror

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